We anticipate sustainability trends and regulation.

BlueMarble analyzes for you the impact of current and future sustainability trends and related regulation on your business model. We thereby identify opportunities and scope for sustainable innovation.

Futureproof business models

We analyze when business models will expire because of defensive strategies that will not live up to a changing environment, and we identify your opportunities and scope for sustainable innovation and related investment. Our judgment is based on methods from complexity science and longstanding experience in policy advisory.

Our regulatory foresight method provides you with an overview of your regulatory environment and important parameters for your strategy.

We analyze opportunities and risks for your corporate strategy and business model that arise from regulatory, technological and societal trends.

Sustainable innovation

Together we work out how you canĀ strengthen your company through sustainable innovation in a time of profound societal transformations and lead it with foresight.

We consider risks, opportunities and innovation by looking at the bigger picture provided by a system-oriented perspective.

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