Discussions about sustainability are often characterized by misunderstandings, uncertain assumptions and even prejudices. We believe: Objectivity and facts are more useful to get a clear view.

We will work together to determine which possibilities the spectrum of sustainability can offer for your organization, create clarity in terms of content and methodology and lay the foundation for strategic decisions.

Possible topics are:

• Which paradigm shifts have taken place in environmental legislation and what must be taken into account today?

• Which regulations and trends will change your business model?

• Which tipping points make business models and basic assumptions obsolete?

• Which time horizons support which innovations?

• How do you recognize that your analyses show insufficient complexity and how can complex systems and dynamic developments be better assessed?

• Which sustainability definitions are relevant for the company?

• Why is it not enough to leave the issue of sustainability to the legislator?

• How can your company or organization best contribute to a sustainable future?

For whom?

CEOs, CFOs, corporate executives, boards of directors, advisory boards, investors, owners, etc.

Our approach

In bilateral or group discussions with selected participants from management, the relevant aspects of sustainability and change are discussed and possible future opportunities for your company or organization are shown. 


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

A strategic trend and innovation analysis shows which societal, technological, political and regulatory trends – especially but not only in terms of sustainability – you already need to consider now and when further legislation can be expected to come into effect.

In particular, regarding sustainability we anticipate your regulatory environment:

• What is coming and in which time horizon?

• And vice versa: Which of the existing product range will be overdue and when?

Building on this, we review your current strategy and uncover investment traps and long-term risks for competitive advantages and your business model.

This is the basis for demonstrating your potential for innovation and your strategic options.

For whom?

CEOs, CFOs, executive boards, boards of directors, organizational boards, investors, owners, strategy departments, etc.

Our approach

In workshops and using our own research and analyses (e.g. political, social, economic and technological trend analyses, systemic leverage point analyses, materiality analyses, etc.), we develop the relevant context and help you sharpen your perception of promising development paths in the field of sustainability. The result is a new strategic perspective with specific options and action paths.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Building on the strategic trend and innovation analysis, we work with you through your current and future challenges and develop with you solutions and new possibilities for your business models.

We support you to sharpen your perception

• in finding the essential levers to achieve a competitive advantage through sustainable innovations,

• how to avoid investment traps,

• where you can leverage hidden resources

This is enabled through sustainable corporate management which contributes every day to your business success and thus creates new strategic strengths and advantages.

In order to support the long-term effect, we offer you a regular horizon scan or, if needed, a check-up, in which we jointly examine your positioning and basis for decision-making with a view to current trends and anticipated changes.

As a methods partner for analysts and strategy departments, we offer you methods sparring for data collection, analysis, modeling and interpretation as part of our cooperation in order to strengthen your team in creating a good basis for decision-making.

In other words:

We will co-create how sustainability can become a strategic advantage for your company or organization, because you can take the lead in the changed competitive environment at an early stage. Together, we lay the necessary foundation.

For whom?

CEOs, CFOs, executive boards, boards of directors, organizational boards, investors, management teams, strategic planning, business analysts, owners

Our approach

In discussions and workshops together with company or organizational representatives as well as on the basis of research, we collect and assess the facts as a basis for possible development prospects. Based on this, we carry out the system-theoretical analysis of the company or organization in the context of global trends.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Is it true that sustainability is not defined?
Is it true that sustainability is all about bans?
These and similar prejudices and myths often hinder the exchange on the topic of sustainability.

Contact us for a talk or lecture if you would like to gain background knowledge on the subject of sustainability and future viability for your organization or company.

Also contact us if you would like impulses, suggestions, the latest from politics, technology and research on the subject of sustainability.

For whom?

Organizations, associations, companies, universities, etc.


Dr. Vera Calenbuhr will discuss the facets of sustainability, scenarios, perspectives and future-oriented possibilities in an interactive lecture.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.