Our consulting approach: sustainability as a strategy

Today, sustainability is no longer a secondary aspect of an organization, but a strategic orientation.

Scientific studies show that companies whose top managers and advisory boards have knowledge in the area of ​​sustainability make better decisions and are economically more successful.

“Increasing efficiency is ineffective,
if you are on the wrong
development path.”

Sustainability implies recognizing change and development and must be integrated into the overall strategy in order to be a guiding principle. In this systemic approach, sustainability enables leading a company or organization into the future such that new opportunities and possibilities arise. It means managing long-term risks responsibly and aligning your perspective with the relevant context. If left unchecked, change will progress nevertheless and eventually lead to less room for maneuver and a loss of critical organizational resources.

Our consulting approach is individually tailored to your environment and your organization. It yields specific options for action that show you how you can integrate sustainability into your strategy and organization so that you strengthen them for long term success.

Your recipe for success: the change of perspective

Making a company or organization more sustainable and future-proof in the long term requires the will to accept the path of change and to follow it.

We support you by analysing the bigger picture of societal, technological and regulatory trends within which you are operating. We make its system dynamics transparent. Based on this, we identify development paths for your business and organization that reduce long-term risk and enhance options for innovation.

This analysis involves methods from complexity science, e.g. leverage point analysis, as well as trend, policy and technology analysis.

You will recognize how to integrate sustainability in your company or organization and how to take into account the relevant organizational and entrepreneurial long-term context. Thereby, you strengthen your ability to perceive underestimated drivers and dynamics in your field and its business models, which lets you recognize innovation potential. With better options for action, you put yourself at the forefront of change and can shape your field in the long term.